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Empowering Healthcare Providers with Tailored Solutions

DAP E-nnovative Solutions Private Limited (henceforth referred to as DAP) empowers healthcare providers (HCPs) to thrive in the competitive era with its world-class solutions in medical communications, healthcare digital excellence, and strategic consultancy.

Digital Transformation in Pharma Industry Post Pandemic

Lockdowns, mobility limits, and social distancing protocols have rapidly pushed healthcare services and patient monitoring to remote alternative, increasingly opening the door for greater use of telemedicine, digital therapeutics, and decentralized clinical trials. Explained by Dr. Harish Nairy, Senior Director - Sales, DAP E-nnovative Solution Pvt Ltd.

Ten Engaging Innovative Trends For Healthcare Professionals

In some countries, there has been an exponential increase in remote detailing tools or platforms used to meet the physicians instead of the face-to-face meeting. As the healthcare segment is evolving over the period of time, innovative ways are emerging at the forefront not just for enhanced patient experiences but also to engage healthcare professionals.



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